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Our Program

A Stimulating Environment

Our priority at Académie Blaise Pascal is your child’s development. We promote proper supervision at our school, combined with traditional teaching. We also encourage the development of transversal skills, such as exercising critical judgment, cooperating, communicating appropriately, and so on.

Learning French

All courses are offered in French; English classes are given as a second language. Our priority is for our students to be able to express themselves both verbally and in writing using complete sentences with rich syntax and vocabulary. If you wish to discuss the curriculum, do not hesitate to contact us.

Activities and Services

General education from grades one to six

Overseas exchange (Europe, Africa)

Homework help after class

Computer courses

School transportation

Daycare service

Educational outings

A Thirst for Knowledge

Give your child a school environment where he or she can flourish and develop excellent study habits.

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